Wishing Well Kennel Information

Wishing Well Kennel has been owned and operated by Nancy Fisk since it opened in 1999.

We are a small all breed boarding kennel. Dogs are cared for as if they were our own. The owner lives on the premises and has a lifetime of experience responsibly and compasionately caring for animals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Boarding dogs must have written proof of rabies vaccine, kennel cough (or a waiver may be signed), and distempter.
  • Dogs that are being boarded over the age of 10 will require you to sign a release form.
  • Boarding dogs must have a flat collar (no choke chains).
  • You may bring in your own food, bedding, and toy(s) for your dog(s) to use while boarding
Hours & Payment
  • We accept only cash and check payments for boarding and grooming. No credit cards or debit cards can be accepted.
  • We accept drop offs and pick ups from 8-10 A.M. and 4-6 P.M. every day accept major holidays.
  • Major holidays to the kennel include: New years day, New years eve (4-6 P.M.), Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4th, Christmas Eve (4-6 P.M.).